Wednesday, December 11, 2013


The Council of Small Business of Australia (COSBOA) has announced the formation of eight new Task Forces to reinforce the importance of Small Business to the economy.
COSBOA represents 30 member organisations, and between them represent approximately 200,000 members. Through these networks COSBOA reaches more than 500,000 Small Business people across the country.
The specialist Task Forces will tap into the experience, skills and knowledge of COSBOA members. Currently in place are Task Forces representing: B2B Contracts, Competition Policy, Workplace Relations, Compliance and Legislation, Urban Planning, Regional Development and Infrastructure, Taxation, Finance and Payments, and the Personal Health of the Self Employed.
Teresa Mitchell, Managing Director of a business support centre and coworking space in Warragul is a representative of the small business sector on the newly formed Task Forces. Teresa’s expertise in Human Resource has gained her a position on the COSBOA Workplace Relations Task Force.
“I have operated small businesses in Gippsland for over 30 years and involved as Executive member on many Business organisations.”
“I feel very privileged and excited to be invited to represent the Small Business sector as a voice for the business community and look forward to the challenges and debate this position will afford.” said Ms Mitchell.
Each task force will be led by a person from one of the COSBOA member organisations and will bring together key industry representatives to provide information and support to Small Business Minister, Mr Bruce Billson.
“The Task Force representatives that I will be working with are Marian Whalan, Policy Manager at The Pharmacy Guild of Australia; Sandy Chong, President of the National Hairdressers Federation; Lyn Goodyear, CEO of Australian Human Resources Institute and Peter Strong, Executive Director of COSBOA.” said Ms Mitchell.
Peter Strong, Executive Director of COSBOA said, “The Task Forces will allow for Government agencies, the media and other interested parties to seek comment and information from people who really understand Small Business - rather than representatives from the big end of town who are well intentioned but lack the dedicated experience or knowledge.”

The Hon. Bill Shorten, Leader of the Opposition with COBOA Board and fellow MP's

“Small Business Minister, Bruce Billson has the respect of the sector, he will act as a supportive spokesperson and he will not shy away from debates that need to happen. We know, however, that others will try to deter Mr Billson and we will be there to support and fortify his efforts.”
“COSBOA are putting in practical measures to make sure Small Business people get the support they need.  When the Small Business sector is healthy the economy will be healthy.  It’s that simple.” said Mr Strong.

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